Future Truck Information Reports

TMC IR-2021-1 North American Trailer Rental/ Lease Company Survey Report — Next Generation Trailer Expectations

American Trucking Associations’ (ATA) Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) released its first report on the use and adoption of intelligence products and services across the trucking industry with an examination of adoption of the trailer and lease fleet sector.

“Trailers are poised to advance in the next 20 years the way tractors have advanced in the last 30 years. Understanding the market needs and the available technologies will help the industry advance so fleets can achieve goals for safety, maintainability and readiness,” said TMC Executive Director Robert Braswell.

TMC IR 2017-1: Applications for Augmented and Virtual Reality Technologies to Vehicle Maintenance Training

Today, the trucking industry is challenged with the need to increase the efficiency and quality of repair and maintenance tasks. Additionally, the rapidly aging workforce threatens to exacerbate the need for faster, better repairs with technical resources whose skills, in some cases, may lean more toward the mechanical than the technological aspect of systems.

Issued: January 2017


TMC IR 2015-3: Exploring the Potential for 48-Volt Commercial Vehicle Electrical Systems

Forty-eight volt electrical systems represent a great potential to save fuel and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Idle stop-start technology can help save fuel while the vehicle is motionless, and torque assist can also be supplied to the engine for launch and low-speed momentary acceleration. Increased energy storage and recapture of brake energy is also possible through 48-volt electrical/electronic (E/E) technology, further improving on overall efficiency.

TMC IR 2015-2: Automated Driving & Platooning: Issues & Opportunities

This Information Report is published by ATA’s Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) and examines the intensive activity in the development and introduction of Automated Vehicles (AVs) and identifies potential issues and opportunities for the trucking industry. Downloadable PDF only. $19.95 TMC/ATA members; $29.95 non-members.

Issued: December 2015

Future Truck Committee Information Report 2013-3: Regulatory and Technological Challenges and Future Trucks: A Call to Action

ATA’s Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) strives to be the industry thought leader on issues of truck technology and maintenance. As the only industry association that is focused solely on truck technology and maintenance, TMC and its member companies work together with manufacturers and other industry stakeholders to create the industry’s standards for future truck technology and equipment that help ensure that the truck of the future is one that is themost efficient to operate and maintain. The Council’s Future Truck Committee is responsiblefor this initiative within TMC.

Future Truck Committee Information Report 2003-1: Exploring Future Van Trailers An Exploration of What’s to Come for Trailers

Various combinations of technology developments are possible for future trailers. These possibilities may come about as future market forces evolve and bring about increased productivity at lower cost. Electric power, whether from batteries, and/or solar panels will likely displace gasoline or diesel-fueled refrigeration units. (This also may be true of auxiliary power units (APUs) for tractors). The overall potential is for lighter, quieter, more reliable and productive trailers contributing to reduced fuel burn by tractor-trailer combinations.

Future Truck Committee Information Report 2002-1: A Brief Look at the Far Horizon An Exploration of What’s to Come for Trucking

There are two parts to this exploration: a detailed timeline focused on items pertaining to transportation in general and trucking in particular, with explanatory notes for some entries at the end; and a survey of various pictures or scenarios of the future- the envi- ronment within which we, and those who come after us, will have to operate.

Issued: November 2002

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Future Truck Committee Information Report: 2001-2 Innovation in Future Truck Cab Designs An Exploration of New Possibilities

This paper is a result of a “freewheeling” consideration of changes in the layout of vari- ous cab components and driver positioning and the effect of such changes on safety and operations. It is meant to provoke discussion and encourage innovation. The authors do not necessarily advocate any particular design or approach, but they do advocate spirited debate and serious consideration of the value of these changes to cab design.