Future Truck Information Reports

Future Truck Program Information Report 2001-3: Future Cab Study Summary Report From Focus Group Activity

At TMC’s 2000 Annual Meeting, 16 fleet mem- bers of TMC participated in a focus group about their needs and desires for truck cabs in 2010. The focus group was led by Robert Crump and Renae Bowers-Carnahan. The focus group session was observed via closed circuit video by other members of TMC in an adjacent room.

Issued: March 2001


Future Truck Committee Information Report: 2001-2 Innovation in Future Truck Cab Designs An Exploration of New Possibilities

This paper is a result of a “freewheeling” consideration of changes in the layout of vari- ous cab components and driver positioning and the effect of such changes on safety and operations. It is meant to provoke discussion and encourage innovation. The authors do not necessarily advocate any particular design or approach, but they do advocate spirited debate and serious consideration of the value of these changes to cab design.