Tech Tools: TMC RP 1204A, Technician Electrical Skill Evaluation

Tech Tools: TMC RP 1204A, Technician Electrical Skill Evaluation

This edition of Tech Tools the Pros Use focuses on TMC RP 1204A, Technician Electrical Skill Evaluation, which is available for download at this link. TMC encourages its members to share this bulletin with shop operations and individual technicians.

Is your electrical knowledge and skill up to par with other pro technicians? RP1204A helps even seasoned veterans take an honest look at their ability to diagnose and maintain truck circuitry and electronic control systems. This skill evaluation which can be done as a self-assessment or in a classroom setting, helps identify areas where a tech should reinforce their training to attain the benchmark of proficiency needed.

“This RP highlights the significance of understanding and troubleshooting the databus as big data becomes more critical, ” said TMC’s S.12 On-Board Vehicle Electronics Study Group Chairman Vince Vanszl, Penske Truck Leasing.

  • The multiple-choice questions in this RP were prepared to assist in the evaluation of knowledge in the following areas:
  • Understanding of basic electrical concepts.
  • Reading simple electrical wiring diagrams with electrical symbols.
  • Performing circuit measurements with a volt-ohm meter.
  • Solving basic circuit equations using Ohm’s Law.
  • Understanding essential concepts related to the databus.

The complete current TMC Recommended Practices Manuals, as well as copies of individual RPs and other technical resources can be obtained, through ATA Business Solutions (, selecting TMC under the “Categories” filter.