TMC’s Vehicle Electrical/Electronic Architecture & Fleet Benchmarking Conference

TMC’s Vehicle Electrical/Electronic Architecture & Fleet Benchmarking Conference

TMC’s Vehicle Electrical/Electronic Architecture and Fleet Benchmarking Conference

TMC’s Vehicle Electrical/Electronic Architecture & Fleet Benchmarking Conference

A Virtual Event

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

TMC's Vehicle Electrical/Electronic Architecture and Fleet Benchmarking Conference will showcase industry activities pertaining to advancing current and next generation commercial vehicle interconnectivity and networking solutions. The conference will also present the latest findings from the TMC/FleetNet America Vertical Roadside Breakdown Benchmarking Program based on fleet-provided data.

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(All times listed are eastern daylight savings time)

10 – 10:15 am                     Welcome & Introduction

10:15 – 11:45 am                 Electrical/Electronics

Initial Findings of TMC’s S.1 and S.7 Tractor-Trailer Electrical/Electronic Vehicle Architecture Connectivity Task Force

Moderator: Paul Menig, executive director, Transportation Safety Equipment Institute (TSEI), and Chairman of TMC’s S.1 Next Generation Tractor-Trailer Interface and S.7 Next Generation Trailer Electrical Architecture Task Forces


This session will present initial findings of Task Force research on future trailer electrical/electronic/networking systems, based on specific manufacturers’ future plans in this area. The information presented will educate TMC fleet members and help S.7 develop an information report/position paper/technical policy advisory by TMC’s 2020 Fall Meeting to provide guidance for fleets in selecting smart trailer systems for the future. The Task Force will also use this information to help develop a recommended practice on the subject by TMC’s 2022 Annual Meeting.  Attend this session and learn how various industry suppliers’ approaches to future electrical/electronic/networking design may be leveraged to develop fleet-desired industry standardization.

11:45 am – Noon            Break


Noon – 12:30 pm            Onboard Vehicle Electronics —

Industry Update on California Air Resources Board (CARB) Future Acceptance of the SAE J1939 Diagnostic Trouble Codes

Moderator: Eric Swenson, manager, Vehicle Requirements, Navistar Inc.


CARB's consideration of ISO 14229-1 for mandated onboard data communications may threaten continued use of SAE J1939 based diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) for heavy-duty vehicle service, if CARB chooses to direct their omission in SAE J1979-2. This would destroy an industry standard long advocated and supported by the heavy-duty commercial vehicle community since the advent of electronically controlled engines in the late 1980s. At that time, TMC members demanded that engine manufacturers provide standardized DTCs and parametric data for signals such as boost pressure, engine coolant temperature and engine speed.  Accordingly, TMC launched its S.12 Total Vehicle Electronics Study Group and a joint SAE/TMC J1587 standard was developed to satisfy this demand.  SAE preserved the J1587 labels in its J1939 successor standard, the standard has been in continuous use now for more than 30 years. However, light-duty manufacturers have petitioned CARB to accept ISO 14229-1 for emissions related service in this year's light-duty regulation update. SAE's Motor Vehicle Council Vehicle E-E System Diagnostic Standards Committee is adapting ISO 14229-1 as SAE J1979-2 and agrees that J1939 DTCs are a desirable future addition.  They await CARB's concurrence before proceeding. Attend this session and hear the latest report on the status of the CARB regulatory action, and learn how continued, strong industry voicing of vehicle owner preference for SAE J1939 based DTCs can guide CARB, and thereby ensure continued use of SAE J1939 based DTCs when CARB considers adoption of SAE J1979-2 for heavy-duty engines.  


12:30 – 1:30 pm            Lunch Break


1:30 – 3 pm                   Data Management  —

Update on the TMC/FleetNet Vertical Roadside Breakdown Benchmarking Program

Moderator:  Jim Buell, executive vice president, Sales and Marketing, FleetNet America

This session will provide the latest results and trend analysis of the TMC/FleetNet Vertical Roadside Breakdown Benchmarking Program. The program is a benefit for TMC fleet members and a Council partnership with FleetNet America. In addition to the executive summary, which is available to TMC fleet members, carriers that participate by sharing their data are provided an analytic tool that allows them to drill into their data, comparing it to the industry average.  The program is a strategic collaboration between TMC/ATA and FleetNet America, an ArcBest Company, and is open to TMC fleet executive level members and FleetNet America customers. The analytics provided via the program will be cumulative and non-fleet specific. For information about the TMC/FleetNet Vertical Benchmarking Program, visit

3 – 3:15 pm            Break

3:15 – 5:15 pm       Future Truck —

Industry Report on the Health Ready Components Demonstration Project

Moderator: Wally Stegall, technical fellow & director, Morey Corp., and Chairman of TMC’s Future Truck Sensor Enhanced Maintenance Task Force


This session will present information on a demonstration research project to explore the potential for a standardized common sensor data library that would enable access to standardized cloud based “prescriptive analytics” data across and among all “health ready componentry” (rather than “siloized” proprietary data) by fleets, service providers, vehicle manufacturers and suppliers. Find out how TMC’s tried and true VMRS system can play an integral part of this forward thinking initiative.