TMC Releases 2017 Recommended Practices Supplement

TMC Releases 2017 Recommended Practices Supplement

June 29, 2017 

TMC Releases 2017 Recommended Practices Supplement

Arlington, Va. – Today, American Trucking Associations’ Technology & Maintenance Council released their 2017 Recommended Practice Supplement, featuring 58 new or revised Recommended Practices, with a goal of increasing equipment maintenance efficiencies. The RP Supplement is a TMC member benefit but also available for purchase on CD-ROM or print.

“Each recommended practice has been developed through experimentation in the field, then subjected to stringent evaluation by TMC members, so you know the information is top quality,” said TMC Executive Director Robert Braswell. “TMC’s RPs have been under development throughout the 60 years of our existence and include maintenance and equipment testing information as well as spec’ing and design practices.”

The 2017 edition features RPs added since the publication of TMC’s 2016-2017 two-volume RP manual, covering topics ranging from electrical system connections to trailer doors and collision warning systems to infrared thermographic testing.

TMC members receive immediate access to TMC’s entire RP library through TMC Connect. To join, visit or call 703-838-1763.

If you are not a TMC member – or are a member and wish to purchase additional copies of the new supplement – call ATA Business Solutions at 866-821-3468. TMC’s 2017 RP Supplement costs $40 for TMC/ATA member and $55 for non-members.

This supplement includes the following TMC RPs:

  • RP 137D, Antilock Electrical Supply from Tractors through the SAE J560 Seven-Pin Connector
  • RP 141A, Trailer ABS Power Supply Requirements
  • RP 161, Forward Lighting Aiming Methods
  • RP 162A, Design Guidelines for Electrochemical Capacitors Used in Starting Applications
  • RP 170A, Chassis-To-Body Electrical Interface Guidelines for Refuse Trucks
  • RP 177, Solar Power for Commercial Vehicles
  • RP 178, Battery Management & Cable Guidelines for Meeting Hotel Load Requirements
  • RP 179, Liftgate Charging & Pump Motor Diagnostic & Maintenance Guidelines
  • RP 206C, Radial & Bias Tire Puncture (Nail Hole) Repair Procedures
  • RP 209F, Tire & Rim Safety Procedures
  • RP 212E, Industry Recommended Practice for Retreading Truck & Bus Tires
  • RP 233C, Radial Tire Puncture Repair Training Guidelines
  • RP 234B, Valve Hardware Selection Guidelines
  • RP 235B, Guidelines for Tire Inflation Pressure Maintenance
  • RP 237B, Torque Checking Guidelines for Disc Wheels
  • RP 245A, Tire Assembly Balancing with Wheel Weights
  • RP 258, Tire & Wheel Maintenance Guidelines for Covered Farm Vehicles & Low Use/Special Mobile Equipment Highway Vehicles
  • RP 259, Maintenance Considerations for 6x2 Tractor Tires
  • RP 260, Specification Considerations for 6x2 Tractor Tires
  • RP 311A, Cold Weather Operation
  • RP 318C, Used Engine Oil Analysis
  • RP 319B, General Guidelines & Precautions on Supplemental Coolant Additives
  • RP 322B, Coolant Pump Failure Modes & Life Extension
  • RP 358A, Charge Air Cooler Maintenance & Testing Guidelines
  • RP 363A, Underhood Thermal Event Prevention
  • RP 370, Natural Gas Vehicle Specification & Implementation Guidelines
  • RP 432B, Engine Off HVAC Performance Requirements for Truck Cabs With Sleepers
  • RP 438A, Engine Off HVAC Performance Requirements for Truck Cabs Without Sleepers
  • RP 441A, Electrified A/C System Performance Specifications, Requirements & Testing Criteria for Hybrid/Electric, All-Electric & Conventional Trucks
  • RP 511, Refrigerant Recovery
  • RP 525, ISO 9002 Certification Considerations
  • RP 526, Guidelines for Shop Review Practices
  • RP 530, Fleet Guidelines for Parts Purchasing
  • RP 531, Parts Inventory Management Guidelines
  • RP 532, Model Year Introduction Guidelines
  • RP 540, Proper Pilot Review Guidelines
  • RP 542, Maintenance Facility Development Guidelines for Natural Gas Vehicles
  • RP 625A, Brake Drum & Lining Compatibility
  • RP 629A, Brake Lining Contamination
  • RP 630A, Air Compressor Diagnosing for Excessive Oil Consumption
  • RP 633A, Effects of Drivetrain Torsionals
  • RP 651A, Steer Axle Maintenance Guidelines
  • RP 655A, Drive Axle Maintenance Guidelines
  • RP 711, 12-Year Life Swing-Type Dry Freight Van Trailer Doors
  • RP 717B, Guidelines for Infrared Thermographic Testing of Insulated Trailers & Truck Bodies 
  • RP 732A, Trailer Rear Impact Guard Repair Guidelines
  • RP 754A, Liftgate Charging & Power Circuits 
  • RP 801C, Bar Coding Guidelines
  • RP 802F, TMC/ATA Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards
  • RP 1107A, Computer Application Technology Related To Drivetrain Specifications 
  • RP 1220A, Guidelines for Forward Collision Warning & Collision Mitigation Systems for Class 5-8 Vehicles
  • RP 1404A, Wiring System Standards for the Light- and Medium-Truck Chassis/Body Interface
  • RP 1410A, Maintenance Guidelines for Automatic Transmissions in Light/Medium/Specialty Trucks
  • RP 1433, Backup Alarm Specification & Installation Guidelines
  • RP 1434, Backup Alarm Maintenance & Inspection Guidelines
  • RP 1435, Guidelines for Contracting Maintenance of Light- & Medium-Duty Vehicles
  • RP 1611, Parts Acquisition for Service Providers
  • RP 1703, Corrosion Control Maintenance Guidelines for Hydraulic Brake Systems

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