TMC Releases 2023 Recommended Practices Manual Supplement

TMC Releases 2023 Recommended Practices Manual Supplement

ATA's Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) has released its 2023 Recommended Practices Manual Supplement, which features more than 90 new, reissues or revised recommended practices published since March 2022. 

The Supplement is available for purchase in print or electronic media. It is a member-benefit made available via electronic means on TMC Connect using member login credentials. (

Among the RPs featured include:

-    RP 262A, Guidelines for Jacking and Lifting Tractors and Trailers
-    RP 317C, Fuel Filtration and Water Separating Devices
-    RP 339B, Maintaining Fuel/Water Separators
-    RP 341B, Diesel Fuel Additive Functionality Groups and Winter Operability Guidelines
-    RP 367A, Fuel Filters: Complaint, Cause and Correction
-    RP 511A, Refrigerant Recovery/Recycling Procedures
-    RP 518B, Fuel Station Planning for Diesel, Gasoline and Natural Gas
-    RP 548, Technician Training for Advanced Driver Assistance (ADAS)
-    RP 549, Refrigerant Recovery and Recycling Equipment Specification Guidelines
-    RP 627C, Brake Lining Structural Defects
-    RP636B, Specifying Auxiliary Retarders
-    RP 643B, Air-Ride Suspension Maintenance Guidelines
-    RP 657A, Heavy-Duty Drivetrain Specification Guidelines
-    RP 662A, Outboard Drum Removal and Installation Procedures
-    RP 764, Interior Van Trailer and Box Wash-Out Procedures
-    RP 1227A, Mobile Device Communication API
-    RP 1416A, Guidelines for Used Engine Coolant Analysis
-    RP 1707, Failure  Characteristics of Powertrain and Suspension Cushioning Isolating Materials
-    RP 1708, Refinishing to Maximize Adhesion

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