Future Truck Position Papers

Future Truck Program Position Paper: Future Driver Interface

Advanced communication systems, collision warning systems and complex display systems are finding their way into commercial vehicles. Dispatcher communications and cellular telephones are already common place. Navigational aids are becoming more popular as prices fall rapidly. Soon the communications bandwidth into a truck will increase to rates that rival current office systems. This will bring with it a proliferation of communications devices. A driver could conceivable have complete Internet access while driving.

Issued: May 2001

Tomorrow’s Truck Position Paper Series

In 1984, The Maintenance Council (TMC) of the American Trucking Associations launched a new initiative aimed at increasing awareness of equipment user needs and influence among manufacturers and suppliers. This initiative was called “Tomorrow’s Truck.” TMC undertook this mission because of a firm belief by its members that equipment users are the best source of information about the demands put upon vehicles.