FleetNet Roadside Breakdown Benchmarking Program

FleetNet Roadside Breakdown Benchmarking Program

NOTE: This program has ended as of January 1, 2023. No new reports will be issued as TMC member benefits. Previous reports are archived and available to fleet members upon request or otherwise available for purchase as listed below.

Program Description

TMC and FleetNet America’s Vertical Benchmarking Program is a roadside breakdown benchmarking service that enables companies to compare their fleets’ unscheduled roadside repairs with those of similar fleets. By tracking what systems are failing and comparing that to similar fleets, the study assists trucking companies in understanding the effectiveness of their overall maintenance operations. The benchmarking program is designed to help TMC’s members better understand reasons behind unscheduled roadside repairs and identify opportunities to refine and improve their maintenance operations.

“Our analysis indicates that most fleets are experiencing more unscheduled roadside repairs than they should. Using data from the TMC/FleetNet vertical benchmarking study will help fleets pinpoint opportunities to improve. This will help them reduce costs, improve their customer service and improve their company’s competitive position.”    
— Jim Buell, executive vice president of sales and marketing for FleetNet. 

By participating in peer-to-peer benchmarking, companies can quickly identify areas that are most likely to drive down maintenance costs. Participants also receive access to an analytic tool that compares the miles their fleet runs between breakdowns to similar fleets at other companies. The analytic tool is updated quarterly, so fleets can review their process against industry peers. 

To visit the FleetNet America Vertical Benchmarking website, click here.

For the latest benchmarking program results, click here.

To purchase past copies of the benchmarking program quarterly reports going back to 2018, click here.


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