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The DAKO Group — Parts/Data Analyst Heavy Truck

Parts/Data Analyst Heavy Truck —Troy, Michigan 


Parts/Data Analyst with knowledge in the Heavy-Duty Truck/Commercial/Construction parts industry to be part of our custom database, software, and network solutions to the Transportation and Equipment Industry. Position is responsible for utilizing industry knowledge and parts expertise for the purpose of data analysis and editing for our internet-based referencing program and database products. The position is remote. 


Two Minutes with TMC Episode 3.05

TMC’s 2020 Fall Meeting is going virtual this year, taking place September 14-17. Fittingly, this year’s theme is “Reliable Answers for Uncertain Times.” In this episode of Two Minutes with TMC, TMC’s Executive Director Robert Braswell explains what you need to know to maximize your experience and help you navigate the virtual format.

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Virtual conferences have become the new norm recently, and TMC's 2020 Fall Meeting — A Virtual Event — is just around the corner. In this episode of Two Minutes with TMC, we sit down with TMC's S.5 Fleet Maintenance Management Study Group Chairwoman Amanda Schuier, for a look at how she has been preparing for the big event.

Two Minutes with TMC Episode 3.03

TMC's S.2 Tire & Wheel Study Group Task Force "Kill the Mallet" is no more, but a new Task Force has evolved from it: "Aligning Vehicle Inspection Regulations with Industry Recommended Practices." Long-time TMC member Norman Ball explains in this episode of Two Minutes with TMC. 


Two Minutes with TMC Episode 3.02

In this episode of Two Minutes with TMC, TMC Silver Spark Plug Paul Menig, CEO of Tech-I-M, discusses the future of the tractor-trailer electrical/electronics interface.