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TMC Connect Overview

In this episode of Two Minutes with TMC, TMC's Technical Director Jack Legler discusses TMC's online platform TMC Connect—and the resources it offers to TMC members.

Being a TMC Study Group Secretary

In this episode of Two Minutes with TMC, we look at the vital role Task Force and Study Group secretaries play in the Council. TMC encourages any member interested to volunteer!

Wabash National — Field Application Mgr. (13689)

Position Available – Wabash National - Field Application Mgr. (13689)

Lafayette, IN - Engineering

Future Truck Position Paper 2019-3: Recommendations Regarding Future Commercial Vehicle Braking Systems

New requirements for reduced stopping distance (RSD) and stability are prompting manufacturers to consider emerging technologies in order reduce response time in heavy-duty commercial braking systems, thereby improving overall vehicle safety and efficiency. TMC recommends accelerating research and development of future braking systems to overcome limitations of current pneumatic braking system designs, leverage emerging technologies in conjunction with those currently available in the marketplace.

Average Standard Repair Times (SRT) for 75 Commonly Performed Labor Tasks in Fleet and Service Provider Operations

ABSTRACT Fifty-four TMC member fleet and service provider members responded to TMC’s “Fleet & Service Provider Average Standard Repair Times Survey,” which was administered in the first quarter of 2019. The purpose of the study was to aid in establishing baseline repair times that will improve shop productivity and profitability. The survey was based on Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards (VMRS) making it easier to aggregate repair times.

Future Truck Position Paper 2019-2: Future Driver Accommodations, Equipment User Expectations for Driver Seating and Controls Packaging

Having studied issues with driver seating and control packages for all known driver population profiles — especially ones of smaller stature — TMC’s Future Cab & Driver Interface Task Force proposes in this paper that equipment manufacturers and suppliers develop “adjustable pedals” to accommodate the full range of drivers.

TMC Annual Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition


TMC's 2024 Annual Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition

March 4-7, 2024 | Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, New Orleans, La.

TMC's 2023 Fall Meeting & National Technician Skills Competitions, Sept. 17-21

TMC’s 2023 Fall Meeting & National Technician Skills Competitions (TMCSuperTech 2023)

September 17-21
Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland
Cleveland, Ohio


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S.11 Sustainability & Environmental Technologies Study Group Information Report: RP 1118 Fuel Savings Calculator for Aerodynamic Devices Validation

PIT Group of FPInnovations was approached by The Technology & Maintenance Council of American Trucking Associations (TMC) to validate TMC Recommended Practice RP 1118, Fuel Savings Calculator for Aerodynamic Devices, utilizing the working model of a proposed revision to the original calculator developedin 2018 by TMC’s S.11 Sustainability & Environmental Technologies Study Group. TMC RP 1118, developed and first published in May 2016, provides equipment operators with an interactive mathematical tool to evaluate the potential fuel and economic savings of an aerodynamic device t