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Future Truck Committee Position Paper 2018-3: Automatic Monitoring of Electrical System Health

TMC’s Future Truck Committee charged its Sensor Enhanced Maintenance Task Force to evaluate and state a position on the feasibility of automatic monitoring of electrical systemhealth. The finding of that task force is that automatic monitoring of electrical system health is achievable by combining onboard circuit analysis with Testing for Statistical Significance(TSS). When paired together, these two fundamentally sound sciences quantify the state of health (SOH) for batteries, alternators, starters, and electrical cables.

Future Truck Position Paper 2018-2: Recommendations Regarding Future Brake System Air Line Monitoring

Recent advancements in sensor technology are enabling real-time monitoring of system performance and readiness in heavy-duty vehicles. ATA’s Technology & Maintenance Coun- cil (TMC) recommends that manufacturers leverage this new technology to develop a more accurate means of identifying slow leaks in air brake lines; thus improving driver awareness of developing brake system failures, and reducing the frequency and severity of thermal in-cidents (i.e., truck fires).

Issued: May 2018

Professional Technician Development Committee Information Report 2018-1: Determining Technician Entry-Level Skills

This information report presents the results of the Professional Technical Development Com- mittee’s (PTDC) Task Force on Determining Necessary Entry Level Technician Skills. The charge of this Task Force was to examine means of determining these essential skill sets tobecome a qualified applicant for technician positions in the industry.

S.3 Engine Study Group Information Report 2018-02: TMC Engine Performance Study

TMC’s “EPA 2007/2010 Engine Report Card” results were based on data from 23 fleets representing 157,541 power units of the U.S. trucking industry. Of these Class 7 and 8 power units, 24 percent were equipped with EPA 2010 engines, 29 percent were equipped with EPA 2007 engines, and 30 percent were equipped with EPA 2004 engines. The survey was administered in November and December 2011 and sent to more than 600 fleets whose representatives held membership in TMC as Fleet Executive level members.

Future Truck Position Paper 2017-4: Recommendations Regarding Multi-Voltage Vehicle Electrical Systems

With the rising demand for improvements in efficiency and power availability, efforts are underway to incorporate higher voltages into the electrical systems of heavy-duty commercial motor vehicles. Throughout this effort, it is important that safety, reliability, and compatibility with equipment currently in use, be maintained. This paper, developed by TMC’s Electrical/ Electronic Systems Task Force, under the auspices of the Council’s Future Truck Committee, serves to further outline these expectations.

Issued: December 2017

Future Truck Position Paper 2017-3: Performance Expectations for Zero-Pressure Commercial Truck Tires

The Future Tire Durability and Reliability Task Force — working under the auspices of TMC's Future Truck Committee — was tasked with exploring and identifying key factors related to the adoption of zero-pressure tires in commercial transportation service. Accordingly,the Task Force developed this position paper to define future features and expectations forzero pressure commercial tires in terms of product performance, maintainability, reliability, durability, serviceability, environmental and educational issues.

Future Truck Position Paper 2017-5: Recommendations Regarding Future Trailer Energy Efficiency and Performance

Significant opportunities exist to collect or harvest energy using systems or technology on the trailer for improving the energy efficiency of the vehicle combination. Two such sources, solarenergy collection and regenerative braking are being investigated in earnest and are in the early stages of commercial development. The purpose of this paper is to facilitate increasedperformance and energy efficiency for trailers.

ATA Truck Tonnage Index Rose 7 Percent in August

September 18, 2017

ATA Truck Tonnage Index Rose Seven Percent in August

Arlington, Va. — American Trucking Associations’ advanced seasonally adjusted (SA) For-Hire Truck Tonnage Index jumped 7.1% in August, following a 0.5% gain during July. In August, the index equaled 149 (2000=100), up from 139.1 in July.

Nation’s Top Technicians Vie for Coveted Title at TMC Skills Competitions

September 15, 2017

Nation’s Top Technicians Vie for Coveted Title at TMC Skills Competitions

Orlando, Florida – Today, American Trucking Associations’ Technology and Maintenance Council opened up the 13th annual National Technician Skills Competitions at the Marriott Orlando World Center.