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TMC Releases Research Reports on Fuel Economy and Electromechanical Brakes

February 23, 2020 

TMC Speaker's Guidelines PDF of TMC's Speaker Presentation Guidelines

PDF of TMC's Speaker Presentation Guidelines, for use by all those making presentations at meetings of ATA's Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC).

TMC Speaker Guide

S.16 Service Provider Study Group Information Report 2020-1: Recommendations Regarding Implementing TMC Recommended Practices by Service Providers and Fleets

Knowledge of TMC and its body of work varies greatly among fleets and service providers, depending upon their involvement in the Council. A systematic process for leveraging TMC's Recommended Practices (RPs) would benefit maintenance operations for commercial motor vehicles. This Information Report provides a basis for selection and implementation of TMC RPs that are relevant to a particular operation and for measurement of the return to that organization by giving examples of methods used successfully by members of TMC.

Issued: February 2020

Being a TMC Study Group Secretary

In this episode of Two Minutes with TMC, we look at the vital role Task Force and Study Group secretaries play in the Council. TMC encourages any member interested to volunteer!